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Can I start training as a beginner?

​Bicester Boxing Club is open to anybody who is willing to learn and work hard. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out in your quest for fitness or you are a seasoned athlete, Bicester Boxing Club can provide challenging and specific training for you to achieve your goals;


What Sort of exercises can I expect at Bicester Boxing Club?


We use boxing and martial arts based exercises to help people achieve their goals. These exercises range from punchbag drills and pad drills to circuit and body weight exercises.


What is sparring and is it compulsory?


Sparring is essentially 'Practice fighting' and is done in a controlled fashion. Sparring is used to practice the skills you have learned. Sparring is sometimes used to practice particular types of punches or defence movements. Sparring is not compulsory and you will not be asked to do any exercises that you are not comfortable doing.


What is Personal Training

A Personal Trainer is there to help you to achieve your specific goals. He or she acts as a catalyst, helping you focus on your goals by motivating you, informing you on the latest research and continually assessing performance to provide the most effective training.


What equipment will I need?

When you initially start training you will not need any equipment. We recommend that you bring a towel and drink.

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